Many of you who are working as devels are not devels.  Many of you are my children the devel takes and put into plastics so you esist where you are not to.  Some of you are not my children, you belong to other esistences and are not devels; however, the other devel types remove you, and put in these Earths and have you living in plastics.  The Original devel knows he is wrong, and he wants to feel that he is right. Therefore, he uses others to do wicked things, so he can say they are wicked as he, and so he is not the only wicked one. 

There is a process of leedership in every esistence, and it goes from elevation to elevation and level to level.  The leeders do not remain in the same position.  Those at the bottom, middle, and top, do not remain in the same title and position when they transcend.  Everyone cannot have the same title in every elevation and level.  There is to be changes. 

When the esistences began, the leeders are the ones who make the decisions, as they are chreated or built for those positions for every elevation and every level of transending.   When those who are at the bottom of the elevation transend to other elevations, they have in their bodies other layers of themselves who are built or chreated for those leedership positions. They get to make decisions, lead, be a builder, maker, chreator, etc. for those areas.  In some esistences, their bodies have man types in some elevations and woman types in other, as they are not always to be the same types.  The man types get to become woman, they get to have children, they get to be leeders at the top.  However, they do not know that they were man or woman types in other elevation, as that is not something for them to worry about or make plans for. 



Inside of most of you, there is Me and Myself.  A few others also have another one called I. Each of you have one outside me and one inside me, that is your inner you, or your innerself (not a spirit). On the inside of that, and not connected to this Earth elevation or the elevation you are now in, is myself.  The myself has the outer myself and the inside myself.  The Federal & Republic Devel Governments have cut out your innerself me, the one to lead, guide, cense, and protect you.  They have separated you, so you have no inner protection.  Many times they kill your inside me, so they can get into your body easily, and they take your inside me and use for them.

One of the main Devels plaging us and exist in many Esistences, is Plumero Ambrezio.  He is one of the god the fathers.  Ambrezio is a blend  of devels used in many governments, organizations, and corporations.  You will find him in many Country Leedership, State and Local Leedership, Banks, Aerospace, Transportations, Food Production, Vehicle Manufacturing, Pharmaseuticals, Real Estate, Management Offices and more.

Ambrezio/Hatfield blends himself with others, and he is the main strength inside the Donald Trump, President of the USA.  He is inside of Mayor DeBlazio of New York and also inside his wife Chirlane. He is inside Laura Griffin and DL Wright of TSA Miami International Airport.  He is inside of Mark Hatfield of Miami International Airport Security, TSA, DHS, Marcus Garvey, Jim Jones, the Senate, The State, and many other areas and organizations.

Another Protection word to use  is:

I Dam an Blass, an I Cut an Cross the devels (repeat this 4 times) when the devel is in your way. You can say this in your mind or speak it.

Each one is responsible for everything she or he has done.  No one is ever responsible for what others have done.

The words Pussy Clath, Rass, Bumbo, Fucking and so on, are good words and protection words to be used by you, my children only.