The time to get your Crown and TICK has expired 6/20/17.

There is no longer a TICK to get. You will now get a TIC that also has your crown.   Your TIC will come to you in the right place and at the right time.  No one knows where and when this will happen. In order to get it, you must return what do not belong to you, have a good mind and good heart, keep away from wickedness and insurrectory, and it will come to you.  You can loose it and be pushed far below your level, if you get into any wickedness or insurrectory. For example, if you are a Leeder you may become a beggar. If you are an insect, animal, specie, no matter where you come from, you need a TIC. The is two doubled together, one to protect your batty and the other for your penis/penile, or your batty and vegan/vagina.  The crown protects your head.

Make the right choice and  JUST DO IT  

Devels CROWN & TIC Message