The governments write and publish the Bible and other Religious books through the government Publishing office and the Government Printing Office, and you do not know of this

Protection Words Guidance

Hello My Beautiful Ones,

This page will have a list of Articles that I publish to enlighten your mind and for you to gain knowledge of who you are, how to protect yourself, and what resources are available to help you enjoy your lives.  Article 1-1B is the first of my Articles for you to get to know me and to be aware of the changes that are to be incorporated in your lives immediately.

The Earths are made up of MANY Different Kinds of Life.  The most important is to know that in this Earth, we are called Caicobans. Today, and for a long time under Federal, Republic Devels Leadership, everyone is called People, woman, or man.  There are many different types of Peoples in these Earths.  We are not all Peoples; however, we are all Caicobans.

This website is viewed by many Earths, many Chreations, and many Esistences in all places you do not even know esist.

In these Earths Elevations, the Parsemonous, Real, Flesh, Mercury, Natural Federal Cut-Out, Parletas/Perspectile EARTHs, etc., already have financial allowance systems that must be enhanced. In 2016, I have already given approval for them to get their own mint or frank machines with unlimited spending. Each person is to get two homes of their choice anywhere they want within the scope of their nationality. The homes must be new and built with the protections I have discussed in Article 1, other Articles, and the other Docs . You are to get a motor car of your choice 18 years and older, renew in 7 years.  There are also other specific advance unlimited access I have stipulated for some.

The U.S. White House and U.S. Treasury cannot use the Trust funds/Estate funds I set up for all Caicobans/peoples in this EARTH who are my children, for my generations, or for myself. The federal government/republics governments in all States/Countries will not monopolize the TV Stations, Telephone Stations, Communication Networks, Fuel, Electricity, Farms, Banks, Airlines, Factories, Money Systems, Mail Services,  etc. All the financial holdings of Presidents, past Presidents, all government leaders, federal governments, country leeders for this Earth, these Earths, and outside, never esisted/null and void.

All government or private financial dealings set up with my names, my generation names, or family names, and my monies are for me. The Estate/Trust funds of all EARTH peoples cannot be used by, or go to the government/authorities of any type. It is for the family generations, and they must be sought after by the State and authorities for them to get their Estate monies. I command the federal government and others to stop killing all the EARTH peoples (my children) so the government can get to use the trust fund.  None of my children are to be killed or harmed by the federal government, any bodies, or authorities.

In closing, your happiness is my happiness, your joy, is my joy.  I AM your provider, not the federal government, other governments, or republics.  My words are my commands, and my commands are LOCKED, SEALED, AND STAND.

Yours Truly,

Paulett Angella Hemmings EARTH PHd.







In the Articles and many Docs on these web pages, the Chreator put in place information:

  1. For you to know the format her children are to be restored, to have better living in these Earths
  2. For you to know who the devels are
  3. For you to get your rightful weekly allowances or frank machines to make your own money
  4. For you to know that no hunger, no wars, no lack, no terror, no destructions in these Earths ever
  5. Of who the Chreator is
  6. Who you are, what is your name, the name of these Earths
  7. Who are the Leaders of these Earths
  8. That there are many Chreations, Earths, and Esistences outside these Earths, and much more

The Devels Use different forms of Plastic Surgery materials to make their human effigy form, so they look like us.  They use the electromagnetic, computers, TVs, Movies, voice changers, and satellite to help them move, speak, and appear real and natural so you are fooled.  They have many impersonators that pretends to be them, so you never know who they are.  They are all our Leeders.  They are the Queens, Kings, Governors, Senators, Chancellors, and other Country Leeders and organization leeders.









It is good for you to look in the background 1, background 2, and so on, of  the many events, so you get to see the devels and others in action

Words like:  No bad things happen, it didn't happen, can be said backwards.  It didn't happen, no bad thing happen.  It is best to wait a brief moment without moving or speaking after you said any command, so bad  can be changed to good. See Article 2 for protection words

Read everything with understanding