​​​Where are all the Earth States\Countries?

Why is the Earth so Empty? 

There should not be Empty Spaces in the Earth Globe!  

Who eliminated the Black Leaders, Black Rankings, and the Black peoples from many of the States/Countries, so it appears that only pink skinned dominates most places?​

What authority do you have to call the Pink Skin peoples "White"?

Who rearranged the States/Towns/Cities/Communities, so there is a mixed up of Cultures?

Who attach unseen voice changers to most of the States/Country's Peoples back, so their accent is different from what it is supposed to be?

Who removed the Twang, Pep, Click, Twist, Build-up, and much more from the Jamaica Leaders, Jamaica State Rankings language and voices?

​Who Cut out the States/Countries/Towns/Cities and dumped them in the Oceans and Seas, so it appears that many abandoned islands are floating in the Oceans and Seas?

Where are my Colored Children who have Green skin, Blood Red skin, Purple skin, Orange skin, Blue skin, etc.?

​Who removed the many different Chreations from inside this Earth?

Who gave you authority to use devel titles of Governor, Mayors, Presidents, Prime Minister, Chancellor, and government (govern by men) in my EARTHS?

Who gave you authority to use Mayor (goat cry, Maaaa) to become a leeder title in my municipals and cities?