No Earth Chreation or any existence can be done in 7 days or by uttering the words let there be light etc.  It takes many months an many years, depending on the size, to chreate a Esistence.

You do know how many months for a child to be fully developed in a woman, not a man.  You know how many months for a house or a building to be built. Just like how a life is only Chreated in a woman, this Earth and these Earths is Chreated by a woman.  This Earth is Life and Living.  Man cannot bring forth life.

The Chreation of the Earths go through a similar format.  It is not automatic.  It has to be planned, it has to be checked, and rechecked to make sure it is complete.  It has to have a foundation, an it has to have many elevations and many levels for each one to transcend or descend when the time comes.

Devels can remake many things with the resurrection, regermination, repopulation process.  They can resurrect a place, a person, a thing, weapons, with the computer, an put them in plastic, an can transform them from plastic to other camouflage types in seconds.  So the 7-day Chreation of this Earth is devel illusion an devel idealism that they use to confuse and fool you with.